1). Can I pitch my book/novel to Robb Publishing?

A). You sure can. Drop us an email.


2). How many books does Robb Publishing publish per year?

A). Combining all our publishing divisions we intend to publish up to twenty-four (24) titles per year.


3). Who do I speak to about adaptations rights in regards to one of your books?

A). You can email our parent company via the email address in the website header.


4). I’m a retailer interested in purchasing your books for my store, how can I get in touch with you guys?

A). You can drop us an email (publishing@robbent.com).


5). I have more questions, how do I get in touch?

A). Email us (publishing@robbent.com).



With over twenty (20) genres we definitely got you covered...and if we don't please let us know. We greatly appreciate comments, suggestions and more.